Saturday, July 22, 2006

On the air at Oshkosh

I signed up for a T-Mobile hotspot account so I can have network access if I don't mind sitting in a baking parking lot for a few minutes. I tried to get cute and roam the region looking for a free hotspot. Rumor had it that a Ramada Inn nearby had free hotspot, but when I arrived at the address I had, there was a brand new Sears store there and the Ramada was no more. I figured I'd waste $39.99 in gas trying to save a few pennies.

The campsite is set up and already several RV builders have stopped by. I was pleased to stumble across Peter Denny a few minutes ago. Peter, an Australian, teaches at Washburn High and he gets kids to learn about aviation by building a plane. I've always wanted to meet him, but never have until today.

I use him, oddly enough, as an example of good teachers when my acquaintances, who haven't set foot in a classroom since they and their "C" grades graduated, start running down teachers. I use him and my oldest son's first grade teacher, then known as Ann Satre, who felt so concerned for Sean when he first moved here from New England, that she knew he needed a friend. And so one night, the doorbell rang, and Ann was with her dog. She said the dog --Madi -- needed a fulltime caretaker and since her daughter was off to college, would Sean please take Madi. We did and Madi was a fine dog. But not as fine as Ann was a teacher.

So the next time you feel like going off on teachers, ask yourself, "would I give up my dog to someone I work with?"

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