Monday, July 31, 2006

On the road again

I'm heading out in the morning for the road trip back East. I'm planning on taking back roads through most of the trip and have selected the lovely city of Elkhart, Indiana as the lucky city to host me tomorrow night. Mapquest says that's 504 miles from Woodbury.

I'm thinking that's easily doable if I take Highway 61 along the Mississippi down to East Dubuque, Ill. That will allow me to cross into Dubuque so I can say I've been to Iowa. I've never been to Iowa. The U.S. Grant homestead is in Galena, Illinois, so I can pick up U.S. 20 and take that all the way to Elkhart.

Not sure where U.S. 20 goes through Chicago, but I think it's well south of the city. With any luck, I'll be through there by rush hour, and make it to South Bend in time to see the sun setting over "touchdown Jesus."

I'm taking my golf clubs with me. I may stop for a round on the trip there or the trip back. I've never broken 100. I'm feeling this is the year.

I've felt that every year for 20 years.

The Indians aren't in town -- they're actually in Boston -- so I won't be able to stop for a game there. Just as well. Sister Wendy called me from Fenway tonight before the game. I was ready to call her with one out in the 9th tonight and the Tribe leading the "boys of half a summer" 8-6. But then David Ortiz hit a three-run homer and the Red Sox one and I decided to save my cellphone minutes.

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