Sunday, September 17, 2006

Just wondering

How many churches do Islamists have to firebomb in order to make their point that the Pope was wrong to have quoted 14th century Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus who said everything the criticism of the Prophet Mohammad brought was evil "such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached"?

OK, so may be not everything. Is that the point?


Norwegianity said...

If George Allen wandered into a north Minneapolis bar using the n-word freely, would you ask "how many people need to stomp this guy before they're satisfied?" or would you ask "Why did this guy talk like that know what the reaction would be?"

Overreaction sure, but predictable to be sure.

Bob Collins said...

It's quite a poor analogy for the Pope did not utter the Islamic equivalent of an "N" word.

Your analogy would be better if you'd asked what my reaction would be if George Allen had put a burning cross on someone's lawn because they called him a racist.

Norwegianity said...

[picture 3 btw]

The pope, knowing that every word he speaks defines church policy, quoted an anti-Islamic pope.

I call that cruisin' for a bruisin'.

Everything is defined by the lowest common denominator, and harkening back to the Crusades is a little more real time for some than for others.

It's easy to say that Islam is a bit behind the times, but given the role European crusaders/Turkish overseers/colonialists played in retarding the growth and progress of Arabic Islamic nations, you have to be patient.

When George Allen plays at Confederate hillbillyism, it's an affectation. When other cultures pound the snot out of you and you've just crawled out of their dirt, it may take a while to get you back on the same page.

Benedict (I do know his chosen name) chose to confront Islam in a casual way. Communication is a two-way thing. What Benedict said isn't what Muslims heard, and that's that. His words had a foreseeable consequence. Popes don't get to speak lightly.

I'll confess that I just tried to google the Pope's speech so I could hit you with a quote, but I don't think it's ever been released. I've seen quotes long enough that I understand why people took offense, but this was major — major enough that the media has really let the Vatican control the story.

I don't feel like that has a credible ring to it, so I'll ask you this one indulgence. Try finding Benedict's speech online. I can't.

I heard where you were coming from and all I can say is this: there are a lot of Muslims, and they come from poor places. Show them some respect until they've rebuilt some more of the universities that the Crusaders burned down.

Bob Collins said...

Of course. But I'll feel a little better when more Muslims take to the streets to denounce those who would kill in the name of Islam. Frankly, I think Christians are a little better at protesting Christians.