Friday, November 24, 2006

What I did on Thanksgiving

Baseball as America
I made this for a piece that ran this morning on MPR. You'll need at least Flash 8 to see it. Click on the image. Baseball season is coming. Indians tickets went on sale this morning. BTW, I bought a brick at the new Heritage Park.

There was a game back in 2001 in which the Tribe was trailing 12-0 after just a few innings. Carolie and I went to bed and Patrick, being a real fan, stayed up. After couple of minutes he popped into the bedroom announcing the Indians had scored a run. "That's nice," we'd say, and roll over and put a pillow over our heads.

Patrick kept coming, only he got more excited. "Now they're only down by 6!," he'd shout. That's nice.

This went on for some time until he came in announcing, "they're only down by 1 and Lofton just hit a triple with nobody out."

We got up to watch the end of a game the Indians would win over Seattle 15-14.

So the brick will say,

"'Dad, now they're only
down by 6!'
8/1/05 CLE 15 SEA 14
Patrick Collins kept the faith."

We'll be traveling to Jacob's Field next year to find our brick.

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