Saturday, January 13, 2007

Easy come, easy go

I was supposed to be on Fox News Channel's "Fox and Friends" on Sunday morning. I didn't tell too many people because these sorts of things, especially given the topic I was to discuss, often get bumped. And it did.

That's the problem with being booked into the "kicker" segment -- the short segment just before the end of the show, usually about something witty and/or clever.

I'm supposed to talk about the Fantasy Legislature application we came up with (if you're not familiar with it, Google "Fantasy Legislature" and then click the "news" results and you'll see.

Fox says they'll want me on next Sunday at the same time, but that will probably get bumped too.


GML4 said...

Ah who knows, maybe it will be a slow news week, and you'll be more than a kicker... Keep preachin the word Bob, MFL is the wave of the future!

xyz said...

Geez...I've never tuned into Foz and Friends. Guess I'll have to this weekend. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope you get on!

Anonymous said...

Where have all the stirrings gone?
Long time waiting!