Sunday, June 03, 2007

Three and done

The word "sucks" was invented to honor the Cleveland Indians teams in the 1970s. That's a little-known fact you're free to use at your next cocktail party to impress your guests. No charge.

The Indians put in another lackluster performance on our last day in town, losing to Detroit by a score of... well, I don't really know the score because we left after another failed rally in the 8th so that we could get at the airport in time. I still think it's interesting that you can be sitting in a baseball stadium in Cleveland watching a ballgame at 5, and be back on your living room couch by 9:30.

So... to what do we attribute this weekend's disaster? The '70s. The same thing we blame everthing else on. And with good reasons. The '70s were certainly the worst decade of my life and I'd have to say disco just barely passes the Nixon administration at one end of the decade and the Carter years at the other for top spot.

For reasons I don't completely -- or even incompletely, that implies some level of understanding -- understand, the Indiand declared this '70s weekend, honoring disco and wearing the same type of uniforms they wore in the '70s; the kind they lost massive numbers of games in.

But for an editor, it gets worse. See the problem here on the scoreboard?

70's weekend? Ummm, no. that's the possessive and this weekend -- try as this team might -- belongs to the, umm, '00s. The proper spelling would be '70s weekend.

I just can't get away from being an editor.

We got to the park early today, about a half hour early. And where on earth was everyone? Maybe this is a true recreation of attendance at a Cleveland Indians ballgame in the '70s.

See that person in the middle? Let's zoom in and see if we figure out who that is.

Oh, right, I forgot, only on "24" can they enhance a satellite photo to zoom in on a person;s hand to determine whether there are 3 -- or is it 4 -- grains of a particular soil under someone's fingernail -- and display it as the concept of digital resolution is for losers.

Anyway, that's Patrick. They were fine seats too, right behind home.

Happy Birthday, Patrick! 19 years old today.

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GML4 said...

Ha! Great posts and a fun trip for you guys. Nice work.