Sunday, October 28, 2007

Biking the bridge

There should probably be some sort of law against things being this pretty. I mean, geez, isn't a bit of a crime that, say, North Dakota can be so boring and San Francisco can offer as much as the peripheral vision can absorb? Note, of course, I've never been to North Dakota; I've met North Dakotans, however.

We rented bikes for the day and headed down to the Golden Gate bridge, and rode across. Just gorgeous.

You have to be careful biking. Because of the crowds, bikes use one side of the bridge and pedestrians use the other. But the place is thick with rude riders, wearing their Spandex covered with European trademarks, and riding way too fast. I'm presuming they're not happy with the tourists who are invading their city and their bridge although if I were ever stupid enough to stop and chat, I'd probably find out they are from somewhere else. North Dakota, per chance.

Anyway, this ship was making its way under the bridge as we crossed. Probably another shipment of cheap postcards from Korea. One thing I noticed. Where's the wheelhouse? Seriously, I can't find it anywhere. Click on the image for a bigger picture.

On the other side -- the Marin County side -- we stopped at an overlook, which gave me the chance for another picture. I also called Patrick to get an update on the Patriots game. He told me they were up over Washington 17-0.

Then, back to the other side -- didn't run across any jerks on bikes going in the other direction. Oh, one thing. As we started back across, an RV airplane was circling above the bridge. That was cool. And so was the helicopter that flew under it!

One last picture on the Marin County side.

And one on the San Francisco side...

And one of the city... sort of...

What was really cool is there was a B-25 (at least I think it was a B-25) flying around, along with a couple of other warbirds. The weather was outstanding: 70s and very little wind.

As we rode back, I got a text message from Patrick that the Patriots had taken a 31-0 lead.

What a perfect day!

Dinner with some of Carolie's friends tonight. Heading for the redwoods tomorrow morning. It's fun being a tourist.


DaveG said...

I think the wheel house must be that row of windows running completely across from port to starboard, covered with a green roof. The just poke up over the tops of the trailers.

JackieO said...

So, Bobby, be very careful how you talk about North Dakotans!!! I am from there and ya' know what?? The horizons reach as far as your eyes can see and as much as your peripheral vision can absorb!! LOL
The vast parts of the state are overwhelming at times, but the wonder of the high clouds on a clear day is beyond thought! You can hear sounds you never thought existed on a quiet Sunday afternoon! And, we from North Dakota, are not biker snobs!! Unless you are referring to motorcyclists! It's been fun pulling your chain, Bob! I'm thrilled you and Carolie are having a wonderful time - can't wait to hear all the stories.
Just Me,
Jackie O

robriggen said...

Looks like you're having fun! Live it up, Bob! Thanks for keeping us in the loop