Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I had a dream and all I got was this T-shirt

When I was a very young man, The Mercury and Gemini space programs occupied much of my attention. I would someday go into space, I was told and I believed. It was right there on the Jetsons.

Later in life, I realized I would not achieve my dream.

When I was young, I followed a terrible baseball team -- the Cleveland Indians. But I knew someday, my team would win a World Series; there was so much time. There is significantly less time now and things being what they are in baseball economics, it occurs to me that the Indians will not win a World Series in my lifetime.

Given the choice, I'd gladly have traded a ride in space for an Indians championship. But it is not likely meant to be.

Dreams die hard, and while I still hope one might come true, these days I'm just excited to get a new T-shirt every 12 years or so.

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Julia Schrenkler said...

It *is* a pretty cool shirt.