Thursday, November 15, 2007

My environmental disaster

From time to time, I come to the conclusion that I'm mostly part of a problem, than part of a solution.

Here's a Flash piece I put together that explains what I mean. If you're using Firefox as a browser, you may not see this (they have some weird security rule for stuff that's on another sever. If you're a geek, and you know how to change that, look at the code and tell me what I need to do). Otherwise, use Internet Explorer.

Update: They bagged the event today, after just one day. I did a story an interview here if you're... well... unbelievably bored.


GML4 said...

Hmmm... very discouraging. Glad you had your camera along, it's a good piece.

DaveG said...

My solution to this problem is typical of me: avoidance.

I've had the same junk for three houses now. I just get a bigger basement each time and move it all from the old basement to the new basement. Of course, I add to the pile through time, and when it gets too big, buy a new house.

Same with chemicals - they have the disposal event once a year but it's just impossible (well, not impossible in a literal sense; impossible for my very limited patience with crowds) to get to.

I figure my estate (Co-pilot Egg) will take care of it all someday. After all, you can't take it with you, and you really shouldn't toss it into a dumpster.

Susan said...

In Orange County, NC at each waste disposal site there are a bunch of recycle options - including a trailer for electronic devices (that's free disposal 6 days a week year round).
On the other hand the plastic that can be recycled must have a neck smaller than the body. So you can recycle milk and juice plastic bottles but not all those rectangular prepared foods containers and not yogurt cups.