Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A trip to Tower Hill

Here's some pictures from the visit to the botanical garden at Tower Hill in Boylston, Mass.

I took this shot to show the dandelions. I'm back in Minnesota now, and the dandelions are starting to coming out. How come some lawns -- this one, for example -- look good with dandelions and others don't?

My mother checks out the daffodils.

I really miss New England's architecture.

Spring is quite farther ahead in New England than Minnesota. It was great to see lots of flowering trees. Coming home, I realized I didn't miss much here.

I should've written down what this tree is called. It sure is gorgeous!

Tell the truth: You want your house to look like this, right?

The estate overlooks Wachusett Reservoir, which provides drinking water to Boston, about 35 miles away. Mt. Wachusett -- the highest peak in Eastern Massachusetts -- is on the right.

Here's a slideshow on Flickr with about 3 dozen photos from vacation.

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