Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bob at work: Denver

Just to prove that I am, indeed, at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, I submit this photo. My stuff appears on News Cut. There's a lot of it there -- 28 posts as of this morning -- including the levitating wizard. And last night I met the guy on whom the Radar O'Reilly character is said to be based.

Let's see CNN give you that kind of coverage.

This is the first national political convention I've covered strictly as a print (Web) guy and so far I think it's gone pretty well. I had back-to-back 21-hour days Monday and Tuesday and today I'm hoping to slow down a bit.

I did do a little radio, but that was just me having fun.

This stuff is hard work under occasionally frustrating conditions, but that's part of the fun. You start each day with a blank page. I'm not looking forward to the Republican Convention in St. Paul (I'll take one day off -- Saturday -- maybe), but then again, I never look forward to assignments until they're actually underway.

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Anonymous said...

Bob, I would have enjoyed your commentary on the Levitating Wizard. I think that only on radio could this be done effectively.

The "live media" has substituted media, itself, for journalism. Thank-you for keeping the spoken word alive and well.