Thursday, December 25, 2008

Six Degrees of Mary Lucia

A Christmas present to ourselves and a curiosity have led me to invent a new game -- Six Degrees of Mary Lucia.

The 4th Season of Rescue Me -- my wife and I are big fans -- was tucked in between the doors this morning. It must've come yesterday. So we watched the first episode which ended with the song, "Backseat Nothing."

"Who does that?" I asked my wife. "It sounds very Elvis Costelloey."

She didn't know so I logged on and did some research and found it was the Del Fuegos, a Boston-area band in the '80s. Dennis Leary, the Emerson College grad (as am I) is from the area.

Anyway, the description said the Del Fuegos were an up-and-coming alternative band that had garned some celebrity support including Tom Petty and the Replacements.

The Replacements were fronted by Paul Westerberg. Paul Westerberg is the brother of -- wait for it -- Mary Lucia (on whose show I do waht can loosely be called the news in the afternoons).

So to recap

Christmas Day ==> Rescue Me ==> Del Fuegos ==>Replacements ==>Paul Westerberg ==> Mary Lucia.

This game is going places, I tell you.

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mitch berg said...

Let's see: I interviewed Pete Jesperson on my old KSTP-AM show. He was the manager that put the 'mats on the map.

Me > Jesperson > Westerberg > Lucia.


I met Bob Stinson many times. Every single time, he asked if I had any cocaine on me.

Me > Stinson > Westerberg > Lucia.

Three degrees, twice.

Oh, I was a huge Del Fuegos fan back in the day. Off to ITunes I go.