Sunday, January 25, 2009

From the land of the long shadows

The last time I got a speeding ticket, was around 1975. I was zipping along through a speed trap in Holden, Massachusetts. I got a ticket, but back then there was a program that if you watch two hours of post-car crash video, you didn't have to pay a fine. I think I was doing 40 in a 35 mph zone.

Oh, wait, did I say the last time? That would actually be... today. I was doing 43 in a 30 mile per hour zone. See, I'm not one of those people who drives 75 to 80 on the freeway. You know, the people who never seem to get stopped for speeding. No, I get stopped for going forty-frickin'-three.

Anyway, I've written up the whole sordid story here.

At the time I got stopped, I was trying to find the hockey rink where Patrick and I played last week. I found it, thanks to the police escort!


Lover of Life said...

Sorry about the ticket. I got one last year - first time in probably 20 or so years. I do have to say, since you mentioned going 70-80 mph on the highway, that we have never lived anywhere where the people drove as fast as MSP! In the first two months of last year there were 65 deaths on the highways there. Unbelievable, really. We were happy to get back to Nevada, where we always felt people drove to fast, only to find they are kinda normal. Now Portland, OR, people rarely go over 65 on the highway. Nice, actually. We don't miss driving in MSP!

Julia Schrenkler said...

So when you write that you found the rink thanks to police escort, do you really mean the cop directed you to the site post-ticket? Because that's pretty cool.

Bob Collins said...

That's right. He escorted me through the twisting roads to the rink. I told you: I was adorable.