Friday, January 02, 2009

Skating, not working

I'm having the most enjoyable winter since I was a kid. I don't mean things are going well and it happens to be winter -- we all know in the big scheme of things, things ain't going that well. I mean that winter -- the season -- is a blast this year. I love the cold weather, I've enjoyed the arctic candle making, and I'm skating more than I have in years, which is to say: twice so far.

Today, a small group of MPR employees and I spent lunch hour in downtown St. Paul, where they've closed off a street near Landmark Center (a beautiful building) and built a skating rink, along with a warming hut.

It was 9 degrees and several Minnesotans said it was "too cold to skate." Nonsense. The sky was blue, it wasn't that windy, and it felt great to skate. You can find some more pictures here.

We're going to do it every Friday afternoon until dreaded spring comes.

Notice those lengthy shadows? It was noon.

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Lover of Life said...

One thing I always admired about the people who live in Minnesota - they never let a little cold hold them back from whatever they want to do! I have to admit, though, I had a hard time with the sub-zero stuff we had the two winters I spent in Prior Lake. But if you can get out and have fun - then go for it!