Thursday, June 04, 2009

When you say 'Cleveland', you say 'pathetic'

The Cleveland Indians have a habit of coming to Minnesota when it's Patrick's birthday. Yesterday was that day and Patrick and Sean enjoyed -- presumably -- a 10-1 Indian win. Today was my day to take Patrick and, of course, the Indians lost 11-3.

I got to buy Patrick a beer for the first time, hoping he will not realize -- any time soon, anyway -- that the best way to enjoy the Indians anymore... is fully inebriated.

It was a gorgeous day for baseball, except in Minnesota where we take our baseball (at least until next season) indoors. Afterwards, a stop for the entertainment on the plaza.

And then home for the traditional presentation of the toolbox.

1 comment:

GML4 said...

You know I always wonder if that hinge turned up for you...

Little Room

... or if you at least started a little room for them to go through some day, long ahead in the future...