Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kid be gone

Today I began the process of wiping out the last vestige of evidence that kids used to live here. It's time to renovate and repaint the family room in the finished downstairs.

For the last year, Patrick's large couch sectional was stored there and it made a good place to fold laundry and occasionally sit. But he's moved into a new place and came to get it while I was in New Orleans last weekend.

In years past, the room (it's an L shaped room) also housed a set of airplane wings and a canopy. But those are now out at the hangar.

So, it's as good a time as any to repaint the room, pull up all the carpeting, put down new carpeting, add a fireplace of some sort and an HD TV, as well as buy some new furniture.

Today I tossed out a lot of old stuff and packed up kids VCRs and various games which will likely never be used again, as well as saved Sean's 4th grade poetry and other assorted art work from Patrick and Sean.

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Anonymous said...

This was lovely, and a little sad. Empty nests are so curious-one day you begin to enjoy the novelty and freedom of it, and the next day, not so much. I have closets and bookshelves of my kids' school notebooks & old Lego sets. Fun to peek in there occasionally for a little nostalgia. However, your post inspires me to begin a slight purge. -karen